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A.Lake Hibara Northern Area

Lake Hibara where it occurred by eruption of 1888. And age of civil strife remains

A post town of former Yonezawa Highway where "Hibara" prospered from the about the end of 15th century.It set in the bottom of a lake by Mount Bandai eruption of 1888, but an approach to a shrine of Oyamazumi- Shrine turns up at the time of the shortage of water from the bottom of a lake with a torii.

In addition, along this former Yonezawa Highway, stratum making the base of the Bandai volcano approximately 13 million years ago is exposed, and a shellfish fossil and a submarine volcano ejection indicating the evidence that this area was the bottom of the sea are seen.

■Access About 50 min. from JR Banetsusaisen Line Inaawashiro station by Bus


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