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B Urabandai Lakes and Ponds Area

Geological feature and nature of more than 300 wetlands group born with a rockslide and a cough stopper

By eruption of 1888, small Bandai was changed into the north sides and dammed up a river, and more than 300 wetlands group including the marsh which did a lake of Lake Hibara, Lake Onogawa, Lake Akimoto, the Lake Sohara and Goshikinuma-marshes with a representative was formed.It becomes the center of Bandai-Asahi National Park now.

In addition, the rockslide by this eruption created many small hills.It is called a flow mountain, and, in the outcrop of the back of the 3D world of the Mount Bandai eruption memorial, can observe the section.

Access About 30 min. from JR Banetsusaisen Line Inawashiro station by Bus.


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