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Utilization by the school education

Children carrying the future are treasure. Treasure and children with the sensitivity to feel are the first treasure by treasure of Mount Bandai.

① Elementary school

[Enforcement in the elementary school of local 3 municipalities]

Inawashiro-machi Azuma Elementary School, Bandai-machi Bandai second Elementary School perform the field work positively. Students feel local rediscovery, the change of the glance of oneself.

② Junior high school

[Enforcement in the junior high school of local 3 municipalities]

Because the learning about the Geopark continues in succession from Azuma Elementary School of adjoining it in Inawashiro-machi Azuma Junior High School, an understanding degree is high.
Kitashiobara-mura Urabandai Junior High School was in the ruins of the eruption in 1888, and a disaster prevention education class began 16 years ago. It is succeeded after Geopark authorization and has a strong disaster prevention awareness.
Result was announced in the held volcano erosion control forum in 2014.

③Senior high school

【Enforcement of the lecture in the Inawashiro Senior High School International Tourist section】

The course specialized in the sightseeing of the high school is only 32 schools in five schools, the whole country in Tohoku. I carry out a course to learn a Geopark from a viewpoint of the sightseeing in our school. In the fieldwork, I face each other in resources of the sightseeing in the Geopark.


Activity in the area

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