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Holding of a forum, the lecture

People gather, and the place to be able to talk about is treasure.

① Holding of the Mount Bandai Geopark forum

We start Mount Bandai Geopark forum in 2010 of the authorized last year in succession once a year. I held the 4th (2013) under the 2nd Tohoku Geopark forum and cosponsorship. It is the place that the Geopark person concerned and the public enjoy together.

②"the Mount Bandai Geopark special lecture" is held continuously

We continue the lecture by the expert to understand a Geopark more and hold it. We have knowledge and experience from the outside and power it up.

③ Tie-up with the national convention holding

[Most beautiful village in Japan association ]・【 Volcanological Society of Japan 】・【 volcano erosion control forum] Mount Bandai Geopark cooperated for holding and enlivened a meeting.


Activity in the area

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