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Local friend and utilization

If there is not a person; as for the treasure "It's like casting pearls before swine." It is the interchange of the person at an opportunity to use the treasure.

① House of the National Bandai boy interchange

Ⅰ . Bandai geo-camping: It is camping that primary schoolchildren gather and enjoy Mount Bandai in a Geopark.
Ⅱ . Seem to be dark by the wind of the experience; in Bandai: It is an experience-based event to participate in parent and child.
Ⅲ . I utilized a Geopark as a leader JRC Japan Red Cross young people training center.

② Fukushima Prefectural library, Aizu library, Fukushima Prefectural museum

I cooperate with public facilities and ask for the lecturer dispatch of plan display and the lecture.

③ The Hideyo Noguchi Memorial, Mount Bandai eruption Memorial, Urabandai visitor center, Urabandai site station, Aizu Museum of Daily Life, Mount Bandai Enichiji museum

I ask it for a tie-up and the lecturer as a base of the geo-tour.


Activity in the area

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