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Utilization of the Geopark with local people

Life itself spending near Mount Bandai is treasure. The life is enriched more if I know the area in the glance of the Geopark.

I utilize local facilities and carry out a lecture.

① Inawashiro-machi experience interchange hall "Manabiina"

"The Geopark classroom of adult:" A monthly lecture. I perform the experience-based lectures such as a geo-tour (fieldwork) or the geo-gourmet dish class.

② Bandaimachi center public hall

"Bandai University" lecture. We adopt a geo-lecture and learn from a life study lecture about a Geopark.

③ Kitashiobara-mura natural environments utilization center

Urabandai longevity society: I held a lecture toward the meeting which used a center mainly on entertainment activity.


Activity in the area

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