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F.Bandai volcano southwest foot area

The Aizu Buddhism culture birthplace which was tied to Mount Bandai faith"Enichiji"Temple group and the Okinashima rockslide topography

Along the railroad of 300-400 meters of south of JR Bandaimachi Station, a volcanic block of the andesite that the weathering advanced lies scattered.This is the rock lump which a rockslide (Okinashima slide) which occurred because of the explosion of the Bandai volcano carried.This area was performed an open wound of early in the Heian era by Tokuitsu-Bosatsu. And there is Enichiji which built the foundation of the Aizu Buddhism culture through bringing of various culture.In addition, as for the mountaineering asceticism of Mount Bandai, there is a way to the east via Sarashinafudoutaki-waterfall in a basic point in Enichiji. And there is west way via Nekomagatake. This course model is displayed in the Bandaisan Enichiji museum.

Access About 20min. from JR Banetsusaisen Line Bandaimachi station.


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