G.Tenkyodai area

Historic spot group located in the alluvial fan of the vast panoramic beauty spot and Bandai volcano

The sky dressing table located on the hill of Mount Bandai 700m above sea level was formed of lava gushed approximately 30,000 years ago.There has the Mount Bandai highest peak backward and is Lake Inawashiro and a beauty spot expecting Minamiaizu, Nasu mountain range distantly forward.The escarpment topography by the Kawageta dislocation is seen, too.In addition, the bread skinniness volcanic bomb which I get cold in the air, and the magma which spouted out hardens and produced is exposed.In the Mount Bandai south foot where an alluvial fan of the volcanicity is distributed over, there is the Surikamigawa- historic battleground where a battle with Ashina and Date was fought in 1589.It is dotted with Sanchuhi- monument conveying the loyalty of the vassal of Ashina by this battle in history and the rows of pine trees of former Nihonmatsu Highway here.

Access About20min. by car from Banetsu Highway Bandai-Kawahigashi I.C.


Activity in the area

Bandaisan Geopark Council

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