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H.Central Inawashiro Area

Shrines,castle remains and other sites of historical heritages scattered around the southern foot of Mt.Bandai and the scars of the 1888 eruption.

A huge lump of the andesite which there was near the crater gets on a volcanicity mud flow, and, in the case of eruption of 1888, "Mine-Rock" in this foot of a mountain was carried, and it is a country designation natural monument.

Iwahashi shrine is a shrine on behalf of Aizu district. There is a grave of Hoshina Masayuki in Hanitsu shrine. shrines and the grave become the country designated historic spot. The monument, gravestone here are made in andesite of Mount Bandai.

The Inawashiro-jo castle which is a castle built in the hill of the distal end of the volcanic ejecta of the Bandai volcano is called the Kamega-jo castle in the castle of the Inawashiro family who ruled here in the Middle Ages.The buildings have been destroyed by fire by Boshin war. We are called Oshiroyama park here and become the place of recreation and relaxation for townsman now.

Access About car from Banetsu Highway Inawashiro-Bandaikougen I.C.


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